4KPPP Floating Oil Skimmer Polypropylene 4000L/h


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4KPP Floating Oil Skimmer, made from polypropylene

 4 K litre / 1K US Gall per hour Polypropylene Oil Skimmer


The 4KPPP Micro Oil Skimmer is a lightweight chemical resistant oil skimming unit designed to skim oil and sludge and other floating contaminants from any body of liquid, i.e tanks, ponds, streams and restricted areas. It is constructed using chemically resistant Polypropylene and will withstand high water temperatures, a wide variety of solvents including hydrocarbon-based materials as well as salt, caustic solutions and a variety of strong acids. 


  • The 4KPPP floating oil skimmer measures 350mm x 350mm x 445 and will fit through a 350mm opening.

  •  The draught of the 4KPP Micro Oil Skimmer is 265mm - that is from the water level to lowest part of bottom fitting.

  •  The highest point above the waterline is 80mm

 Floating Oil Skimmer


Manufacturing the 4KPPP and how it works

The polypropylene floats on the oil skimmer are sealed with a 1” BSP cap. Water is used as ballast to hold the skimmer at the required depth.The ballast inside the floats stabilizes the oil skimmer and the floats are sealed using a plastic welder. 

Pipes and other ancillary fittings used are constructed using Polypropylene. It comes complete with a self-adjusting floating head that is made using a polypropylene outer retaining cup with an inner floating head. Water is drawn down through the inner cup which automatically adjusts its position relative to the water’s surface to allow the required amount of surface water drawn by the pump to pass over it.The depth to which the weir (top of the inner cup) goes below the surface of the water is known as the “cut”, the less the amount being pumped the finer the cut.

This particular skimmer head works on a floating sleeve that moves up or down within a container. The same unit is available with a concertina head which as the name implies has the floating head attached to a concertina allowing the head to move up or down as required

 4KPP Floating Oil Skimmer with optional trash guard

To ensure its proper operation, it is important to install the skimmer so that it floats reasonably evenly in the water without the influence of the suction hose pulling it into an uneven position.To help achieve this outcome we have included a 1.2 meter hose and fittings (see picture) that should be fastened to the skimmer at the skimmer outlet.The 4KPP Micro Oil Skimmer is designed to skim oil and other floating materials from the surface of liquids. It is advisable to limit the amount of water crossing the weir to a point where skimming is most effective. It is also desirable to use a pump that works within the parameters of the 4KPP skimmers design, if this can’t be achieved, a water bypass valve to reduce the intake of water over the weir at the head of the skimmer should be installed.When the skimmer is at rest in the water, ideally the top of the floating weir should be just below either the surface or just barely breaking the surface. Adjustments can be made as needed to lower or raise the floating weir by screwing the retaining cup up or down at the outlet. Further adjustments can be made by increasing or reducing the amount of ballast water inside the floats. The standard amount of water inside each float is 500 Milliliters



 Chemical and solvent resistant

  • Net weight 4.5kg,  Gross weight 5.2kg.
  • Box size. H 42cm x L 43cm x W 40cm
  • Simple installation and operation - can be carried and installed by one person
  • Unaffected by heat to 100c.
  • Polypropylene heat and acid proof fittings.
  • Self-adjusting.
  • Floats, unaffected by changing water levels.
  • Low maintenance - no mechanical moving parts.
  • Can be supplied with connection to suit client needs.
  • Small, 350mm diameter. operates in very restricted areas e.g. pits
  • Can be controlled remotely.
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Floating head available without floats for fixed positions
  • Capacity, effective to 4000 litres (1000 US Gallons)
  • Will work up to 6000 litres/ph (1600 US Gallons)
  • Will work on gravity alone - without a pump.
  • We can configure our connection to suit your hose. Contact us to discuss your requirements





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