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Floating Oil Skimmers


Our range of floating oil skimmers are sold to companies who are looking to remove oil and other debris in commercial applications. 


Our oil skimmers are sold as a stand alone product, however you can contact us for information regarding additional pumps hoses etc to suit your application.


The oil skimmers are patented, made from marine grade stainless steel and we have polypropylene models that withstand even higher levels of heat and corrosive or caustic agents. 


These floating oil skimmers are essentially floating weir oil skimmers that are easily and quickly installed. They are lightweight so can be carried by one person and especially suitable as part of a mobile oil spill response kit.


Fixed self adjusting oil skimmers are designed to be used in situations ranging from light industrial water purification applications to heavy high turnover situations exceeding 25 thousand litres / 6.000 US gallons per hour. Dragonfly's industrial skimmers are produced using Marine grade 316 stainless steel with polypropylene  and polyethylene fittings. The polypropylene skimmer is made entirely from polypropylene and is made to deal with highly corrosive liquids that stainless steel cant deal with.


These lightweight and robust surface skimmers are designed to be used in both confined or open spaces where contaminants are required to be removed from the surface of liquid. 


Organisations that have purchased our floating oil skimmers in the past include Ampol, Shell, BP, USA Navy, Australian Navy, SCI Corp USA, Argyl Diamond Mine, Roads and Transit Authority, part of the state government in Australia, Caltex, BHP, Oil Spill recovery kit distributors, Engineering companies, and many more.


The Dragonfly range of oil skimmers include:

25K316SSB, 25K per/h volume, stainless steel, concertina head

4K316SSB, 4K per/h volume, stainless steel, concertina head



Bulk / trade pricing is available, distributor enquiries welcome.


Features of Dragonfly Floating Oil Skimmers

  • Made in Australia from quality materials - built to last
  • Patented products - our products are unique
  • Lightweight at 5kg for our 4000 l/ph range
  • Poly models available to withstand caustic chemicals and high heat
  • Concertina head - effective in rough water 
  • Large volume model available including trash guard
  • All oil skimmers come assembled with flexible hoses


What pumps are suitable to use with Dragonfly Oil Skimmers?

The preferred pumps to use are positive displacement pumps such as helical rotor pumps or double diaphragm pumps.  Single diaphragm pumps are not recommended as they tend to bounce the skimmers on the water’s surface thereby impeding the skimming action by emulsifying the liquid and leading to possible damage to the skimmer.


Can Dragonfly Oil Skimmers be customised to individual applications?

In most cases we can modify our skimmers or supply accessories in order to suit your application or requirements. We can also supply pumps and other products to suit.

Contact us at any time to discuss your individual requirements. We also sell a floating pool cleaner, suitable for use in swimming pools.



Surface skimmer applications include

  • Pipelines and refineries in the mining industry

  • Oil shipping & terminals

  • Oil shipping & terminals

  • Barge companies

  • Emergency environmental Cleanup

  • Power plants 

  • Food Processing & Manufacturing plants

  • Maintenance facilities and heavy equipment

  • Steel mills & chemical plants

  • Superfund cleanup projects

  • Used in conjunction with portable collapsible bunding

  • Agricultural dams to remove weeds

  • Spill response kits

  • Car wash sumps



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