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Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner has turned 20. Still proudly owned by its Australian inventors and manufactured here in Australia.



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The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner allows you to spend less time maintaining your swimming pool and more time enjoying it as it gathers the leaves and dust before they sink to the bottom of your pool. It floats at the level of your swimming pool, simply connects to your existing filter and is perfect for all types of pools.

Enjoy the experience of a swimming pool that is always pristine and ready for you and your family to use.

It will clean oils and body fats off your pool's surface leaving it hygienically clean and because there's no jarring motion from the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner there is less wear and tear on your filter pump or pool hoses.

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner is Australian owned and manufactured and covered by a 4 year warranty. It also comes with free shipping within Australia only


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The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner is not a gimmick, it WILL outlast any other pool cleaner and WILL send all fine particles and other debris to your filter and not back to your pool like the tea bag venturie method of many other pool cleaners. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner.

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner was designed to make pool care and pool maintenance easy. It helps keep your swimming pool clear of floating debris and helps remove contaminants from your pool's water. Debris and contaminants are moved directly to your pool's filter instead of sinking and gathering at to the bottom of your pool. 

Simply connect it to your vacuum plate using the pool hose. The Dragonfly can also be used in conjunction with other automatic pool cleaners. It has now be on the market for almost 18 years and sold into over 80 countries.



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 Last updated 23/11/2016