Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner: Some questions about using an automatic floating pool skimmer

If you are looking for further information to make your decision below are some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to call, email or message us through Facebook if you have any further questions. You can also visit our news section which has some further articles on the Dragonfly as a pool cleaner the article "Why choose a pool skimmer"

I already own an automatic pool cleaner, why should I get a Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner?

It is likely the automatic pool cleaner that you are using at present is only a vacuum, i.e., it only cleans the bottom of your swimming pool. The bottom cleaner will do nothing to clean the water until dirt has passed through the water all the way to the bottom of your pool and has settled on the bottom. They significantly reduce or entirely stop the skimming action of the pool's filtration system which is the first line of defence against pool contamination. This in turn, increases the risks associated with communicable infections or diseases. The Dragonfly Automatic Floating Pool Cleaner takes these materials directly to the filter without them having to percolate through the water to the bottom before they are removed. You can read more in this article "Why choose a pool skimmer"

Isn't the Dragonfly the same as a fixed skimmer box? Why use the Dragonfly as well?

Rarely are fixed skimmer boxes positioned in the most optimal point in your swimming pool. Depending on the way the wind is blowing your leaves, dust, pollen etc can, and usually are, blown away from the skimmer box. When using the Dragonfly the skimmer will drift with the wind and currents and be in the best position to remove the leaves. It can also be tethered to a fixed spot if you decide its the best position for it.

The Dragonfly seems a little more expensive compared to other floating pool skimmers  like the Gator or Pool Skim. Why should I spend more?

There is nothing that works as effectively as the Dragonfly. We hold worldwide patents for the product, in other words it is a unique product. It is made in Australia, from quality plastic that won't deteriorate. It is designed to last a long time, we have customers who have been using the Dragonfly for over 10 years. It comes with a four year warranty. If it does breakdown after the four years there is only one part that may need to replacing which costs $42 and we advise it up front.

As the Dragonfly does not "jerk" the pool hose while moving around there is less wear and tear on your pool hoses. You can save on pool hose replacement, water costs (no need to top your pool up if you choose) There is also no need for a special pump. You can use a variable speed pump or buy a cheaper standard pump. No need for using higher speeds, therefore saving energy. 

We sell the Dragonfly as a stand alone product. When you consider how much you could spend on other pool cleaners our price is very reasonable.  

How can I save water using the Dragonfly as my pool cleaner?

The Dragonfly is plugged into your skimmer box and can operate at any water level. So when your water level drops you can wait for the rain and not have to top up with the hose or tank water. 

Why doesn't my local pool store sell or recommend the Dragonfly Pool Cleaner?

The pool industry is like any other retail model and many stores have vested interests and receive personal  incentives for selling other products. It is also a different mind set that is difficult to change. Most pool sells push bottom cleaners as they are more expensive with more profit margin and they are easier to sell as people come looking for bottom cleaners. We are a small company we do not have the manpower to visit all the pool stores to re educate sales people and try to change this bottom cleaner mindset. We prefer to let our testimonials and use our website to educate, this keeps our prices down too. Another reason pool stores are apprehensive to stock the Dragonfly is it is cheap, so less commission. We don't have a "range" of products and we offer a long warranty so there isn't the opportunity for them to make much money from our product. 

If you google our product you will find it is sold by number of online pool stores including direct pool supplies and a few others. 

My swimming pool vacuum gets blocked up and the leaf basket is full every day. How can the Dragonfly help me?

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner can be set up to work with an inline leaf canister installed in the pool hose. By doing this a larger amount of leaves or other debris will be trapped before rather than choke the built-in leaf basket leaving the bottom pool cleaner for debris (if any). You will find that the bottom pool cleaner will no longer choke up and the much larger leaf canister will have to be emptied far less often. The leaf canister is not included and can be purchased on this site separately.

Will I still need a bottom cleaner?

This is up to you. Most customers use the Dragonfly on its own giving their pool a light vacuum every 2-3 weeks. 

In what ways does the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner reduce the risks that bacteria pose to swimmers?

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner concentrates on the top 150mm of the water where the disinfectant that the pool uses is the weakest. The top is the area where body fats, skin particles, suntan oils, and other little nasties that carry bacteria from one bather to another thrive, because the water is at it's warmest. The pool skimmer takes this water directly to the filter, from where it is redistributed into the lower cooler regions of the pool where the pool's disinfectant action is strongest. Here is an excerpt from a letter received from the Department of Health, Western Australia, by one of our WA representatives:
'Thank you for your letter of 28th April 1997 The Area of greatest microbiological hazard to bathers is the top 300mm of any swimming pool. Sunlight and environmental pollutants reduce the biocidal effectiveness of the pools disinfection system, while bathers activities add to the potential risk. For this reason, the Health Department of WA encourages commercial pool builders to use surface skimming wet deck designs where possible.'
Translated, this means that the water in your local swimming pool is removed from the top for filtration, because this is where the gravest risk to health lies. Wet deck designs are expensive and generally not found in private swimming pools. However, the pool skimmer tackles this problem about as effectively as is possible at this stage.

How long should I run my filter when using the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner and will I save on electricity?

This differs from pool to pool depending on the number of trees and plants nearby, the amount of dust in the air, industrial pollution, etc. Regardless of where you live and your conditions, the filtering time required to keep the water in the pool clean will be reduced.

Does the Dragonfly work in above ground pools?

Yes, it is the best above ground pool cleaner available as it is never in contact with the liner. This can lead to wear and damage with other automatic pool cleaners.

Does it matter what material (tiles, pebble crete etc) the pool is made from?

The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner will work in any situation so long as there is enough water for it to float.

Ozone systems can tend to leave a film floating on the surface of the water. Does the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner deal with this effectively?

Absolutely, only a flat deck similar to ones seen around public pools or a wet wall pool skimming system is better.

How does the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner compare to other pool cleaners in quality and durability of parts?

The only part in the Dragonfly Floating pool Cleaner that is subject to wear has been working on our test unit for the past 10 years and is still working perfectly. We can see no sign of wear on it, however, if there is any wear it will only result in this part working more smoothly. The plastic used to make the pool skimmer unit is stable and highly UV resistant. The test unit mentioned above has become a bit less shiny but still works as well as the day it was installed. does not manufacture pool hoses and therefore can not take responsibility for the quality of any pool hoses supplied. Nevertheless, pool hoses will last much longer on a Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner than on any roaming bottom pool cleaner as the Dragonfly Pool Cleaner does not get constantly dragged about the swimming pool.

Do water levels affect the operation of the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner?

No. The Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner operates in water levels as low as 750mm (30 inches) or with an elbow at the base of the Dragonfly water can be as low as 400mm or as high as the pool will fill. There is no need to top-up your pool up during periods of water restrictions. Take advantage of rain to fill your pool.

Can the dragonfly be used in natural swimming pools?

Yes it can be used in any liquid, both salt water, chlorine and natural pools. Our surface skimmers are used in industrial applications all over the world in many different types of liquids.

Is it difficult to install and set up?

The dragonfly is easy to install and set up. We provide written instructions, a youtube video and are also available via email, phone etc if you have any additional questions or require support.

Where is the Dragonfly made?

It is manufactured in Australia, the tooling and plastic injection is completed by Anchor Plastics an Australian company based in NSW. 

What is the shipping cost of the Dragonfly?

We ship free within Australia and charge a flat rate of $20AUD to the rest of the world. We use Australia Post as our preferred transport company.

What is the warranty of the Dragonfly?

4 years


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