How it works

The Dragonfly Pool Cleaner Concept

The Dragonfly is an innovative and simple solution to a frustrating problem. The aim was to invent a pool cleaner that to removed leaves from your swimming pool before they sunk.

Every pool has an inbuilt skimmer box as suction cleaners are the most effective method of removing leaves. The problem is, even though all pools have a fixed skimmer boxes they are often in the wrong position, The wind blows the leaves in a different direction so you are stuck waiting for the leaves to sink or having to scoop them out.

Why wait for the leaves and debris to sink to the bottom of the pool? Remember nothing goes straight to the bottom, some material will take days to filter through the pool before landing on the bottom where a vacuum or pool cleaner can remove it (that explains the cloudy water in so many pools) and in the meantime your pool is dirty. 

The Dragonfly is a mobile pool skimmer that may be left to float freely or it may be fastened in one position, i.e. downwind where most floating materials tend to collect - it will highly out-perform your fixed skimmer box.

The Dragonfly plugs into your existing fixed skimmer box and can sit in the middle of your pool, blow with the wind or be fixed to a different spot. Unlike other pool skimmers, the Dragonfly is not propelled so it uses the surface tension of the water to its advantage, smoothly removing debris off the surface. 

The leaves are suctioned into the the filtration device, however you can attach a leaf canister to bypass the leaves going to the filter, saving time cleaning your filter out. Read more about leaf canisters here.




The benefits of a floating pool skimmer

A cleaner pool quickly

The Dragonfly removes the leaves before they sink. Your pool is cleaner much more quickly. Your pool is clean most of the time. No more waiting for leaves to sink or using a scoop. A floating skimmer as a pool cleaner is a new way of thinking about cleaning your swimming pool. You can read more about floating pool skimmers here.

Removes contaminants that don't sink

Sunscreen & oils, dust, pet hair, diesel soot, floating seed pods, large seed pods.

Works at any water level 

Unlike a fixed skimmer box, the Dragonfly will work even if you pool water level is low. No need to top your pool up during periods of low rain

Australian product 

We are an Australian owned business and our manufacturer is located in Sydney Australia.

Quality Product 

We don't offer different variations of pool cleaners to get people to upgrade or get more sales. In 20 years we have only made minor adjustments to the Dragonfly. It is a patented product, made from UV resistant plastic and has only one moving part, which means only one part can breakdown (the Flapper Valve which costs $42 to replace). Our products come with a four year warranty and are built to last. We have many customers who have had the Dragonfly for over ten years with no problems. It won't flip over and get stuck as some products who claim to be floating pool cleaners are prone to do. 

Less wear & tear on your pool hoses

Many of the bottom cleaners use an open and shut valve to propel themselves forward across the pool bottom. This causes the hose to wear out a lot sooner as it creates a constant concertina effect on the hose and additional pressure on any seals in the filtration system. UV will always degrade the pool hoses but the concertina effect will hurry the hose splitting along. Of course the pool cleaners that don’t use an open and shut valve but work on the return from pump pressure do not cause this problem with the pool hose. The problem with this type of cleaner is that it depends on a net to catch the leaves and debris while all the time pushing the finer pollutants back into the pool through the net.

A more hygienic pool

In every swimming pool there are body fats, skin particles and other unsanitary materials that swimmers leave behind. Bacteria and algae thrive in this environment especially at the water's surface where it is warmest and the biocidal effect of the pool's chlorine is weakened by sunlight and contaminants. The Dragonfly increases the circulation of the surface water. Most other pool cleaners will not be able to do this.

What are the different ways the dragonfly floating pool cleaner can be used?

The Dragonfly floating Pool Cleaner can be used in conjunction with almost any other automatic pool cleaner on the market. Most of our customers start off using the the Dragonfly this way but over time decide they no longer require the bottom cleaner. The use of only a bottom cleaner on its own will never compare to the water clarity and general cleanliness of your swimming pool without the installation of a Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner. You can use it together with a bottom cleaner using a 2 way splitter however it is not necessary.