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In 2013 the Dragonfly was part of the winning entry to the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the most prestigious horticultural events in the world. The Dragonfly was chosen by designer and landscaper Phillip Johnson as he was looking for a unique product that was a practical design and worked in a setting with lots of trees and gardens. 

Way back in 2004, the Dragonfly won the yearly peoples choice award for the best invention on the Australian TV show "The New Inventors" Click here to watch a snippet

Below are some customer testimonials we have received by email.


The water has never been clearer

After using the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner for the past 4 weeks I can honestly say that I am thrilled with the results. Our pool looks terrific, the water has never been clearer and we have reduced down our chemical usage too. I highly recommend this product for people that live near main roads (like myself) and get a lot of dust and pollution floating on the top of their pool. Our automatic pool cleaner broke down last week and the dragonfly is doing such a great job that we have decided not to replace it. The pool still requires a quick manual vacuum once every couple of weeks but that's it. Fantastic unit, well worth a try!!!

Joanne, Gold Coast



So impressed with the Dragonfly floating  pool cleaner
I won the original Dragonfly in the Local paper at least 15 years ago.
Max and Robert upgraded it many years ago and yesterday set it up again ( after very dirty palm trees removed)
The leaves from the Jacaranda( next door ) are GONE !!!!
The pool is sparkly and clean again
Thank you Dragonfly
Kerry, Guildford, NSW Australia


I recently purchased a Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner. I was initially a little skeptical purchasing this product since my pool is considered a nuisance pool – being in close proximity to multiple Jacaranda, Gum and Walnut trees. The reason for my skepticism is the following reason, I have tried a number of different options in the past 5 years to keep my pool clean with little to no success. The cost to date has been in the thousands. After using your product I believe it’s important to let you know that I have disconnected my pool’s floor cleaner because the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner is working so effectively that it is skimming all the debris from the surface before it has a chance to sink to the bottom. I am amazed at the clarity of the pool. A simple but ingenious idea, well done.
Nick P, Australia

Water evaporation is no longer a problem.

Just thought I’d update you on how pleased I am with my Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner. My family and I enjoy mini-vacations; camping, house-boating or whatever. These trips usually last 4 or 5 days. The Dragonfly™ has been a godsend because now we don’t have to worry about the pool’s water level going down due to evaporation. We live in Orlando, Florida where hot weather is the norm and pool water evaporation is a big problem because a fixed skimmer will be sucking air in only two days or so. We used to call our neighbors and beg them to check our pool and fill it with a garden hose. They really loved our phone calls and it cost me big bucks in paybacks! Now they miss us calling because the free beer has stopped – I no longer need their help. With the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner we can be gone longer than our money or free time lasts. My neighbor has been sober for over two years now! Once again thanks for the great product! A fixed skimmer is a real problem as you well know and the price of beer is rising! Good luck with your business, your products are well made, stainless steel bolts and a real tough plastic.
Linda & Tim D, Orlando, Florida

A brilliant & innovative product!

I bought a Dragonfly™ and I would like to praise its innovation. I have only been using it for a month or so, but it does all that you state and more. We had an extreme water mold problem the last two years, the worst outbreaks and total clouding of the water occurring the time of year when the water is warmest. You could see the ‘oily’ splotches floating on the surface of the water. You could not skim these splotches with a net, they would go right through. These would eventually unite and form long, unsightly strings of water mold. Once the water mold took off, the algae cloud would not be far behind. Since your skimmer does what it should do, there are no oily splotches to form the water mold. Our pool is still crystal clear and beautiful. The Dragonfly™ also serves as a good reminder as to when to backwash the filter. If it isn’t bobbing in the pool, it’s telling you to backwash, it’s sucked enough dirt into the filter and you’d better do something. Thank you for your product. It is exactly what I needed!

Delighted with purchase

Thank you for my Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner. I saw the Dragonfly™ on ABC’s The New Inventors some years ago and have always intended to buy one. I am delighted with my purchase! It works perfectly and is significantly reducing the leaf litter on my pool’s floor. Congratulations on your marvelous product, it is truly ingenious! Thanks once again.
John, Australia

A modern marvel!

You might remember me, the South African guy in Cyprus with a serious Mediterranean bug problem! Our summer is nearing its end now and I thought you may like to know that the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner has proven to be a modern marvel!! It has kept my pool surface spotlessly clean and reduced the bottom debris dramatically. What a ‘gunge gobbler’ once set up and adjusted correctly. Also, because of an inline leaf trap, I have not had to clean my pump’s leaf trap once since installing the Dragonfly™. As always, you get what you pay for and the price of the Dragonfly™ is far outweighed by its amazing efficacy. A quality product!
Kim H, Pafos, Cyprus

Works well with a bottom cleaner

I received my Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner in good order yesterday. We purchased our home a few years ago and our pool was apparently a custom built one with limited skimming ability. I was looking for something I could use to automatically skim as well as integrate into my pool’s bottom cleaner, which I use for vacuuming. I installed the Dragonfly™ and a flow splitter and with some adjustment to the flow rate both the Dragonfly™ and my bottom cleaner are working well.
Thanks again!
S Mummy

A pool that doesn’t need to be topped up

I have to say that I am very happy with the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner because it means that during periods of no rain I do not have to top up the pool, it just follows the water level as it goes down. When it rains it comes up again!
Guthrie G, Oatlands, NSW, Australia

The best thing purchased on the internet

We purchased a Dragonfly  through the internet about a year ago and we just wanted to let you know how very satisfied we are with it. Our pool is quite large 90,000 liters (23,750 gallons) of water and is surrounded by gum trees which the local Cockatoos love to chomp on daily. This results in those horrible little gum nuts falling into the pool along with the leaves. The little gum nuts go straight to the bottom of the pool and when our pool’s bottom cleaner tries to pick them up they get stuck in the diaphragm and it stops working. Who said, “Give me a home among the Gum trees”?? We love Gum trees, 1000 yards from our pool and pathways. They are the messiest trees around.

Enter the Dragonfly Floating pool cleaner… the best thing we have purchased on the internet by far. We are still so happy with it that when I came across your brochure sitting among some filing I had to put away I was prompted to send this email and congratulate all concerned with this product. Not only does it remove the leaves but also removes all the pollen and dust floating on the water. Now, is there any way you can invent something to chase away those pesky cockatoos (ha ha!).
C & R Brooks, Australia

An effective “plug and play” system

My wife and I are originally from Washington State. We moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there for about five years and have been living in Manila, Philippines since last June. It’s some of the most fun we’ve ever had but also a difficult cultural adjustment. We want to say the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner is OUTSTANDING! The landlord had rigged an ineffective workaround since she was not going to repair the broken pipe that runs from the original skimmer to the pump. After less than 12 hours the Dragonfly had the pool sparkling clean. I have to say it was well worth the wait. If you ever need a reference for the product locally, feel free to direct them to us. We checked with a number of local pool supply businesses before happening upon your website and none of them were aware that anything like the Dragonfly existed. This product would do very well here, people tend to go for the quick fix (no matter the cost) so a ‘plug and play’ system like yours is exactly what they would be attracted to. That they would get an effective system would be a tremendous bonus! Thanks for all your help and consider us very happy customers.
Jewett J, Manila, Philippines

Bugs and pollen no longer a problem

In reference to the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner; we love it! We had a serious bug and pollen problem and the Dragonfly has really kept it under control. Our system was out of commission for a couple of days and we were amazed with how dirty the water had gotten. Needless to say, we were anxious to get it operating again.
Thanks again,
D & M Carillo

Works better than anticipated

Thank you for your amazing piece of equipment. We have installed the Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner and it is working much better than anticipated. The surface of our reasonably large pool was skimmed in a couple of hours. I first discovered the Dragonfly on ABC’s The New Inventors and have wanted one ever since. Thank you once again.
A McIntyre, Australia

Performs exactly as described

My first impression of the performance of the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner is very positive. It performed exactly as described. I am very impressed. Within an hour of setting it up all of the leaves, dirt and pollen floating on the surface had been skimmed up. I am very confident that this will solve my ongoing battle with leaves and debris in the pool. Given last night’s results I think a couple of trees in our yard may have escaped the chainsaw.

Another tree out of danger

The Dragonfly™ Floating Pool Cleaner has arrived, has been installed and is working well. Thanks. I first saw it on ABC’s The New Inventors program last year. We have a large Poinciana tree near our pool and my husband has been seriously threatening to cut it down but his new Father’s Day gift has luckily changed his mind. Thanks again.
Jan, Australia


All up & running smoothly

We recently added Dragonfly Mark II into our pool (&family). Coming across the Dragonfly a few years ago was the best thing ever for our pool, it has never looked better. The floats system on the new unit has only made a great idea even better! Getting away now no longer requires thinking or worrying about water levels or keeping the pool clean. Dragonfly takes care of that. So glad we could adopt Dragonfly Mark II, we would be lost without it. Also, Dragonfly Mark I is still operational but has been retired to the shed as a probably never to be needed backup after many years of faithful service! Thankyou Max for your prompt and friendly assistance. Much appreciated.

Wayne, Merimbula, Australia.