Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner

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Product Overview

An Australian made pool cleaner

Do you want a swimming pool cleaner that removes the leaves BEFORE they sink?

A floating pool skimmer is the best pool cleaner for pools with lots of leaves.

Pool cleaner in swimming pool

  • The Dragonfly is a mobile floating pool skimmer that prevents the leaves and dirt from sinking by cleaning the pools surface first

  • Leaves are removed quickly and not left to decompose in your water. Less nitrogen from rotting leaves = cleaner pool = less chlorine and other chemicals are used (and a more hygienic pool)

  • Made in Australia from quality UV resistant materials

  • Unique patented product (no other pool surface cleaner can legally sell / compare to ours)

  • FOUR YEAR WARRANTY (our product LASTS)

  • FREE shipping in Australia $100 AUD for the rest of the world

  • Lots of great reviews on our site and on independent websites.

pool skimmer

One of the biggest problems owing a swimming pool is maintaining it. It feels like you spend more time scooping leaves out and adjusting chemicals than enjoying it. It shouldn't be that hard. Pool owners are continually trying to automate their pool cleaning, not many people have the time to do this. 


The bottom of your pool is dirty because leaves and debris land on the surface and aren't removed by the skimmer box quickly enough.

It makes sense to skim the leaves off the top of your pool before they sink to the bottom.



If the leaves are removed quickly, your pool is cleaner most of the time. If the leaves are not removed quickly then they will sink to the bottom and your bottom cleaner will remove them. In the meantime you will have a dirty pool, with rotting leaves affecting the PH of your pool and requiring more chemicals to balance your water.

If you have lots of leaves, insects or other floating debris that you are having to continually scoop up then the Dragonfly will help you as:

  • It acts like a floating mobile skimmer box and takes advantage of the winds and surface tension of your pools surface to skim the top of the pool

  • It captures the majority of leaves before they sink.

  • It drastically reduces the time you spend scooping leaves out of your pool. 

  • It removes oil, pollen, insects and other tiny particles.


Your pool cleaner shouldn't be expensive, should be built to last and come with a good warranty. 

Some pool cleaners cost up to $1000. You could hire somebody to clean your pool on a weekly basis for that price!

  • We have customers who have been using the same Dragonfly pool skimmer for over ten years!

  • It has only one moving part and no electrical parts or panels that can break down

  • Manufactured in Australia from quality from UV resistant Luren S plastic - You won't be handing out more money in a years time after it wears out in the sun

  • It is not a gimmick it holds worldwide PATENTS due to its originality.

  • It will not roll over like some other products requiring you to continually adjust it

  • It doesn't have a net that can wear out like other pool skimmers. The Dragonfly picks up the finest particles (including oil) taking them straight to your filter. Products with nets tend to let particles through essentially recycling the debris throughout your pool.



How the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner is operated 

  • It works by plugging into your existing fixed pool skimmer box using a pool hose. 

  • It is then left to float on your pools surface using the wind and surface tension of the pool to skim and suck the debris from your pools surface. Essentially it is a pool surface cleaner.  

  • It has no net as some other pool surface cleaners have, so the Dragonfly is able to skim smallest of particles off the surface to be captured by your pools filtration device. Nets will always let small particles through them and nets also have to be replaced.

  • As it is not jerking around (like some other automatic pool cleaners) it is gentle on your hoses, prolonging the life of your hose
  • More detailed information can be found here

It is moved by the wind and normal currents using the surface tension to delicately suck all debris into it. Other floating cleaners are jerked around the pool either by a bottom cleaner or are self propelled. Once there is lots of movement on the surface of the pool, the surface tension is broken which reduces circulation and makes the product more inefficient. This is why pool surface cleaners attached to bottom cleaners or surface cleaners that are self propelled are not efficient. They disrupt the surface of the pool and have to work harder to skim. 




If you have a pool that is surrounded by trees or has lots of floating matter from insects, seeds, grass, even sawdust or other materials the Dragonfly will save you so much time. Yes you could spend triple the cost of a Dragonfly and get a robotic cleaner. You will still need to scoop leaves out of your pool!!!

Take a look at our Facebook page, under testimonials, or below at the reviews to see what our customers have to say.

Still unsure about why to buy a pool skimmer or what to look for when deciding on a pool skimmer? We have written an article that has some suggestions to help you out.





Warranty Information

4 year warranty. With only one moving part, the Dragonfly is built to last. We have many customers who have working Dragonfly's in their pool after 10 years.

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(40 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Dragonfly is like a black hole

    Posted by Dennis on 18th Aug 2023

    Max. Thank you! I love the Dragonfly. It is so much better than anything I have wasted my money on over here. I wish there were more (any) outlets for this over here. This skimmer WORKS!! I have watched many of my other (floating) skimmers just let stuff float by them, but Dragonfly is like a black hole. Anything comes even close, and it is gone. Might be more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Thank you so much for this. I wish you all the very best. Sincerely. Dennis

  • 5
    Performs wonderfully

    Posted by Alan on 19th Apr 2022

    Thanks for your help with the flapper valve issue with my unit. In the 3 ½ years of operation it has performed wonderfully, enabling me to discard the cumbersome pool blanket and roller so the pool is more easily accessible. My pool is surrounded by trees but the Dragonfly scoops up most of the leaves before they sink to the bottom meaning the Kreepy Krawley is used only a few times a month. I have recommended this device to a number of my friends who have pools.

  • 4

    Posted by Jeff on 11th Nov 2021

    The dragon fly pool skimmer was easy to put together, set up only took a couple of adjustments to get it right, so quite easy to set up. It does the job it’s supposed to do, but pump needs to be on medium or above, which for me is not ideal due to having an inverter set up which works optimally at low speed. I think for what it is it’s a very pricey bit of kit.

  • 5
    Thank you once again and for such an amazing product.

    Posted by Lee on 5th Nov 2021

    I received the replacement flapper valves yesterday (thank you for the extra spare, most appreciated). I installed the new valve and reconnected the Dragonfly into the pool. It is now working beautifully, and even better than I can remember, so the old valve must have had a small defect which then got worse (affecting the motion of the valve). This seemed to coincide when I replaced the pool pump to a variable speed model and struggled to get the right speed set whilst getting the valve to function efficiently. I am now running the pump at 1700 rpm (so I can run for longer whilst saving money on electricity) and the valve and Dragonfly is creating great suction to remove all the small flowers that have blown in from a neighbouring tree. I also find it clears all the small debris and dust that settles on the surface and combined with the filter sock in the skimmer basket, keeps the pool nice and clear. With the new valve running, it is going to be even better. Thank you once again and for such an amazing product. So much better than a previous cleaner where the diaphragm would often break down and needing to be replaced.

  • 4
    Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner

    Posted by michael anthony mulcahy on 22nd Oct 2021

    It's early days, but so far the Dragonfly is meeting expectations and is a good addition to the pool cleaning artillery. We have found that you have to take time to ensure that all of the ballast tanks are fully discharged of air.

  • 5
    Excellent innovation

    Posted by Grace Lim on 21st Oct 2021

    I am a new owner of an old pool, and after extensive research (since I am new to swimming pools) I stumbled on the dragonfly, and after reading the reviews, I rang the number and chatted to Kay. Needless to say I purchased both the dragon fly and the leaf skimmer, and when they arrived, set it up. Kay and Robert helped troubleshoot a minor issue with the suction pressure. It then worked and keeps the pool amazingly clean. Brilliant innovation! Highly recommended!

  • 5

    Posted by Stefanos Spiriounis on 8th Jun 2021

    Very good results from day one. Some adjustments needed, but if you follow the manual it is straight forward. It works exactly as it says! Thank you & Greetings from Greece!

  • 5
    Dragonfly pool cleaner

    Posted by Peter Dempsey on 2nd Jun 2021

    I absolutely love the dragonfly, I hummed and harred about getting it but after a couple of minutes watching it in action, I’d wished I had bought it sooner. Yes it does get blown by the wind but so does everything on the top of the pool, my pool has never looked so good . It has a simple theory get the surface rubbish before it sinks to the bottom. It has definitely reduced the amount of times pool needs to be vacuumed, could not be happier with this product.

  • 5
    Brilliant, innovative product

    Posted by Geoff on 31st Dec 2020

    Simple concept but an innovative and very well thought-out implementation. Works brilliantly. Aussie ingenuity at its best.