Swimming pool inline leaf canisters - the underrated pool cleaning accessory

6th Sep 2017

Swimming pool inline leaf canisters - the underrated pool cleaning accessory

Using an inline leaf canister can save you time and money

Its easy to get obsessed about which automatic pool cleaner to buy. It is a big investment and there are so many options. But it is the entire pool cleaning maintenance package you put together that will determine how clean your pool is and how much time you spend maintaining it. While your choice pool cleaner, filter and sanitation equipment all work together to keep your pool clean, a product that is often underrated as swimming pool accessory is a leaf canister.

An inline leaf canister acts as a middle man between your swimming pool cleaner and your filter. Instead of all the leaves and debris advancing to your filtration device, the debris are captured in the leaf canisters net. The leaf canister is clear so you can easily see when it needs to be emptied, and its as simple as pulling it out of the pool, opening it up and dumping the leaves out

By using a leaf canister, you stop a large percentage of leaves being transported to the filter. This means the filter won't be clogged up by leaves as quickly. When the filter clogs up with leaves you will need to backwash it, which takes time and uses lots of water. By cutting down on the amount of backwashing you need to do, you will save water and therefore money, you will also pro long the life of your filter as it won't be working as hard to run

leaf canister is a handy accessory to run along side whichever automatic pool cleaner you purchase and is worthwhile considering as your overall pool maintenance system!