Checking and maintaining the water level of your swimming pool

10th Apr 2017

Checking and maintaining the water level of your swimming pool

Is your swimming pool water level getting low? 

A swimming pool will loose a lot of water lot of water during the summer months due to evaporation, water being splashed over the side, wet people leaving the pool as well as filter backwash where sand filters are concerned. It’s important during times of heavy pool use to make sure the water level doesn't fall below the level of the pool skimmer box as your pump could be damaged if it begins sucking in air instead of water. 

One of the benefits of using the Dragonfly floating pool cleaner is that it's plugged into your skimmer outlet all the time and will float up and down with the level of water in your swimming pool therefore it can safely operate in as little as 40cm of water. So if it hasn't been raining much and you want to save water costs you can stop filling your pool up and wait for the rain. The Dragonfly will continue to recycle the water through your pump at all water levels, all you need do is ensure that your suction side hose is securely fixed to the skimmer and in good order. If the water is low and your swimming pool only has a fixed skimmer box you will need to top it up to a safe levels. 

Although the Dragonfly can be operated at low water levels, it is important to note that if you drain your swimming pool to perform maintenance take care that you don’t leave the pool empty for any extended period as it can float its way out of its position if there is too much groundwater surrounding it, say after raining or flooding. A concrete or plastic pool is as capable as any boat is of floating if there is water under it. Best to consult an expert before totally draining your swimming pool. If you suspect your pool has a leak, we have a some advice here.