​Do you have a stinky pool?

9th Apr 2017

​Do you have a stinky pool?

Does your pool smell stinky? 

When organic contaminants like ammonia and nitrogen build up in your pool they can interact with a pool's chlorine to form chloramines, This in turn can cause that strong chlorine smell that is often associated with pools. To stop this unpleasant odour, it's necessary to "super chlorinate" or shock the pools water back to normal chlorine levels. Strange as it seems, adding a large amount of chlorine to a pool can cause this odor to go away. Some pools should be on a weekly basis, while others need it less frequently. Follow manufacturers' instructions before superchlorinating your pool to get the best results.

The Dragonfly floating pool cleaner can also assist with keeping your swimming pool healthy. Most pool cleaners are bottom cleaners but the top few inches of a pool are the dirtiest. When you dive into a swimming pool you can feel the temperature change at the bottom of a pool. The top is warmer as the sun is heating it. Just like any medium that is heated by the sun, bacteria begin to thrive as the temperature increases. Pool skimmer boxes to help to rotate this water through your pool's filtration system but as is all too common, the fixed skimmer box is often not positioned in the most effective position in your pool. The Dragonfly is like a mobile skimmer box floating around you pool recycling the top of your pool water - improving the turnover of dirty water. This will also reduce the build up of contaminates in your pool. It floats with the wind or can be fixed in the most suitable position essentially become a mobile skimmer box for your swimming pool.

Unlike other floating pool cleaners that attached to a bottom cleaner, the Dragonfly is propelled by the wind, so the surface of the water is not disturbed by jerking motions of a bottom cleaner. When the surface of the pool is disturbed by intense movement the contaminants are distributed deeper and further away from the floating cleaner. Just think of trying to scoop leaves out of a pool with swimmers in it. Although we do sell a 2 way splitter to run the Dragonfly at the same time as a bottom cleaner, we still suggest the most effective floating pool cleaners are self propelled.

Another feature of some floating pool cleaners is the use of a bag. These fine mesh bags are designed to catch leaves and other debris and to take the load off the filter. You can remove the bag and empty the leaves. The downside of the bags is they do wear out quickly as they are exposed to constant weather. This costs money to replace. More importantly, they don't catch the fine particles. Think of the new bagless vacuum cleaners. They catch 100% of the dust as the contaminants go straight to a barrel. Your pool cleaner needs to do the same thing. The contaminants should not be filtered through a bag, unless you are using a leaf canister which is not a net but a barrel.

Some food for thought when choosing a pool cleaner and trying to keep your swimming pool;clean. If you need advice or would like more; information on the dragonfly feel free to contact us

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After using the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner for the past 4 weeks I can honestly say that I am thrilled with the results. Our pool looks terrific, the water has never been clearer and we have reduced down our chemical usage too. I highly recommend this product for people that live near main roads (like myself) and get a lot of dust and pollution floating on the top of their pool. Our automatic pool cleaner broke down last week and the dragonfly is doing such a great job that we have decided not to replace it. The pool still requires a quick manual vacuum once every couple of weeks but that's it. Fantastic unit, well worth a try!!!

Joanne, Gold Coast