Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner won the Peoples Choice Award

28th Oct 2013

The Original Floating Pool Cleaner

We call the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner the "original" floating pool cleaner as at the time it was invented there was no other option for cleaning the pools surface.

It was such a new concept that it was showcased on Australian TV back in 2004 when its inventors two brothers based in Sydney Australia submitted an entry to the ABC television series The New Inventors

The Dragonfly Pool Cleaner entry was accepted and it made is first television appearance in 2004. The inventors of the Dragonfly appeared on the first season of the popular TV program "ABC New Inventors"

The tv series showcased three inventions each week and they were analysed by an expert panel each week.

The Dragonfly was very popular and won the popular vote of the series the "Peoples Choice Award" after securing the highest amount of viewer votes in the series.

You can click on this link here to watch a short clip

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