The Dragonfly at this years Chelsea Flower show

29th Oct 2013

The Dragonfly at this years Chelsea Flower show

The Dragonfly on the winning Aussie stand at the 2013 Chelsea Flower show

The Chelsea Flower Show is a yearly event and its considered the most prestigious horticultural competition in the world.

Phillip Johnson, a landscape designer, chose the Dragonfly Floating Pool Cleaner to be part of his Australian entry. The Dragonfly pool cleaner was used to keep the surface of the large natural pond / swimming pool clean and it was chosen by Phillip due to both its original look and its efficiently It had to keep the pond looking perfect throughout the judging period. It also had to had to look good enough to fit in with the natural surroundings.

A pool cleaner for swimming pools surrounded by trees

The Dragonfly is often chosen by people who are looking for a different looking pool cleaner one that is a quality product, made locally and is suitable for swimming pools surrounded by gardens. Gardens and swimming pools are not seen to be compatible and many people design their pool landscape to be devoid of trees especially ones that drop a lot of leaves. This doesn't need to be the case, a swimming pool cleaner that is capable of removing many leaves quickly is the answer and surface pool cleaners are the best choice.

Congratulations Flemmings Nursery and Philip Johnson. We are proud to be affiliated with such fantastic talent!

Flemmings Nursery on winning the Chelsea Flower Show

Phillip Johnson on winning the Chelsea Flower Show

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